Photo by Josh Elliot Photography 

Photo by Josh Elliot Photography 

Welcome! My name's Nicole. I cook with fresh, whole, simple ingredients, and always celebrate what is in season. I eat a {mostly} plant-based, vegetarian diet, believe there is nothing more magical than fresh homemade pasta, and think chocolate cake is just as necessary as kale. All things in balance. 

My love for cooking has always stemmed from my love for eating. This blog started out as a way of creating a home for my husband and I. At the time, we were a couple years out of college, newly married, and cooking felt like an opportunity to build roots and a home when things felt groundless. As I’ve gotten older, cooking has turned into both a mindfulness and self-care practice that’s allowed me to escape from the stress and responsibility of being a doctoral student.

Like my yoga practice, cooking allows me to come back home to myself. When life feels complicated and overwhelming, I find refuge between loaves of homemade bread and peace in simple nourishing meals made with whole ingredients. This practice has also taught me that the more I nourish myself, the more I have to give which has been particularly helpful as a psychologist in training.

Kneading Home is my story as I attempt to slow down, feel the dough between my fingers, smell the brown butter sage in the saucepan, and connect more deeply to myself and those around my table. 




Frequently Asked Questions: 

What camera do you use? 
From August 2014-December 2014 I used a good ol' iphone 5. In January 2015 I got a Canon T3i with a 50mm/f1.8 lens. Big upgrade. Totally recommend. 

Do you subscribe to a particular diet? 
In May 2013 I became vegetarian, though I'd been teetering on the edge of vegetarianism for years. So you definitely won't find any meat on here. I do try to limit the amount of dairy I eat as well and love experimenting with vegan baking, though when I do eat dairy I definitely savor it. Other than that I'm a big fan of eating lots of plants. 

What's your favorite meal? 
Homemade pasta! And guacamole. And black beans. Not together of course. I pretty much fell in love with cooking when I took a homemade pasta cooking class for a friend's birthday right after college. It changed my life forever. Read about that here

Can I publish your photos or recipes on my blog/website? 
You may use one photo as long as you give photo credit in the description and link back to my original post. You may never republish a recipe word for word. That's illegal and not very nice. If you're adapting a recipe for your own blog, re-write the recipe in your own words. If you adapt one of my recipes be a nice person and cite "adapted from" followed by the original link. I do it to fellow food bloggers and believe it's good karma. Any other questions regarding re-publishing content or photos and starting a partnership where I provide content for your blog/website? Contact me here. 

What kitchen tools/equipment do you recommend?
I published a list of my favorite kitchen equipment here

The wonderful thing about food is you get three votes a day. Every one of them has the potential to change the world.
— Michael Pollan